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January 22, 2016

Winter Beach Treasures!

Summer or winter, just about everyday is a beach day in Santa Cruz. Sure, winter beach days call for a few more layers and a little less sunscreen, but they often lead to some great finds! Wildlife is in full bloom during the winter months with gray whales offshore, elephants seals, lots of birding, and great tidepooling. The winter swells & surf stir up the coast and bring lots of creatures and other treasures to the shore. Check out some AMAZING recent Santa Cruz County winter finds! Between the King Tides and El Niño, we're seeing some pretty powerful surf in Santa Cruz. Tide pooling is definitely an activity that takes caution, awareness, and respect for the ocean and creatures, but when the conditions are safe, explore away! See some of the top spots to tide pool in Santa Cruz County, and check out these recent finds by @seeninsantacruz!

Photo by @seeninsantacruz in DavenportPhoto by @seeninsantacruz in Davenport

Photo by @seeninsantacruz in DavenportVIDEO of this little octopus find can be seen on @seeninsantacruz's Instagram!

With nearly 30 miles of coastline, Santa Cruz County has a whole lot of sand to stroll, sift, and explore. Local sea glass guru, author, and owner of Santa Cruz Sea Glass, Krista Hammond, is well known for her expertise in Santa Cruz County sea glass. And when sea glass hunter and artist, @tidecharmers, found a rare piece, she went right to Krista Hammond's book for answers.

I rushed home and immediately went to the best #Davenport sea glass guide their is, #santacruzseaglass the story behind the treasure, and discovered that this is likely what they call "an eyeball". (If you don't have this book by #kristahammond- you need it for sure!) The #blueseaglass is from #lundbergstudios and measures over 1.5 inches in length and is over an inch in height.

Photo by @tidecharmers at Davenport BeachPhoto by @tidecharmers at Davenport Beach

Photo by @tidecharmersPhoto by @tidecharmers

Make a Santa Cruz winter wildlife getaway a reality this season! Check out these AMAZING 3-for-2 night lodging deals happening NOW in Santa Cruz County and request a FREE Birding and Wildlife Watch Kit to help you map out your trip!

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