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December 11, 2015

Winter's Whale Wonderland in Santa Cruz

Photo by Instagram fan, @maxphilpPhoto by Instagram fan, @maxphilp

Whales are always in season in Santa Cruz - just look at the handy guide below that shows what you might spot and when. Recent sightings, by boat and from shore, have been all about the humpback whales. Lunge feeding, tale slapping, blowhole sprays, these guys have been putting on a show for months and whale watchers are enjoying every moment. Photo Courtesy of Instagram Fan, @bvd_photosPhoto Courtesy of Instagram Fan, @bvd_photos

But winter is known for its frequent sightings of California Gray Whales as 20,000 of these giants pass through the Monterey Bay on their annual winter migration from the cold arctic waters, to the warm lagoons of the Baja Peninsula. Santa Cruz Whale Watching says, from December - April, "the chance of sighting the Gray Whales at this time is very high, somewhere around 90%!" That's some good odds!

Photo by Instagram fan, @robdriscalPhoto by Instagram fan, @robdriscal

But that's not all, excursions are still reporting the lunge feeding humpbacks, hundreds of common dolphins, orcas, sea lions, and otters. It's safe to say it's a great time to do some winter wildlife watching in Santa Cruz! And a major bonus to winter travel - lower room rates. And an even bigger bonus - select hotels, inns, resorts, and vacation rentals are offering 3 nights for the price of 2 from December - January 31st! Get in on the whale fun and book a winter getaway to Santa Cruz!


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