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September 29, 2015

This is How We Farmers Market

Farm Mkt Intro

There are farmers’ markets and then there are farmers’ markets. No one does them better than Santa Cruz. Our markets are festive, colorful events that bring locals and visitors together over a shared love of good food. Even with the Monterey Bay and majestic redwoods, the area’s most vivid beauty can often be found at the market. Below is a virtual tour of the popular Downtown market that happens each Wednesday from 1:30 - 6:30pm. For a full list of local farmers’ markets, check our site. Check out these luscious savoy cabbages. You can practically taste the crunch.

Farm Mkt Cabbage It’s not hard to imagine the earthy, garden fragrance of these dry-farmed tomatoes.

Farm Mkt Tomatoes A stroll through a farmers’ market reveals the vibrant color of our local farmlands.

  Farm Mkt Green Beans

Farm Mkt Cauliflower

Farm Mkt Herbs Ready for fall?

Farm Mkt Pumpkins

Farm Mkt Apples It’s not just the fruits and veggies that are bursting with color. Farmers’ markets are the place to find the brightest, freshest flowers in town.

Farm Mkt Dahlias The markets are a great way to learn about the area’s local farms. Take a moment to chat with one of the folks staffing the stand. You’ll probably pick up a great recipe or two along the way.

Farm Mkt Live Earth You’ll also find many local food producers represented, like the tangy organic sauerkraut of Farmhouse Culture and hearty loaves of Companion Bakeshop.

Farm Mkt Kraut

Farm Mkt Companion Don’t feel like cooking? Follow your nose to the (very popular) area devoted to stands grilling, roasting and shucking delicious street foods. You’ll find everything from oysters to tacos, often made with meats and produce from the market.

Farm Mkt Back Porch

Farm Mkt Hot Sauce

Farm Mkt Oysters Planning to ride your bike? Take advantage of the complimentary bike valet. And don’t worry if you forgot to hit the ATM beforehand. An information stand allows guests to buy market credit via their credit cards. See ya at the market!

Farm Mkt Bike Valet

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