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April 30, 2015

Train & Trestle at Roaring Camp...Thoughtful Thursday

DID YOU KNOW... That Roaring Camp Railroads' Indian Creek Trestle, which is shaped like a horseshoe loop, is the tightest turning railroad bridge in the United States! It is a 66% loop and when riding the train you can get a visual of the loop from the front or rear cars. Be sure to put a train ride at Roaring Camp on the itinerary for your next visit to Santa Cruz! trestlecars

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  • admin 3 years 192 days ago
    Hi Dennis! Here is the info on the Roaring Camp Beach Train! Enjoy!

  • Dennis Hines 3 years 198 days ago
    Id like more information about the trip to Santa Cruz. From Roaring Camp. Where, when etc.
    thank you