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February 05, 2015

Fan Photo of the Week

This week's Fan Photo is a birdwatcher's delight! Check out this snowy egret enjoying the last light of the day at Natural Bridges State Beach by Instagram fan, @codychrome_photography. Thanks John Cody for sharing such a great #SantaCruzNow photo with us! A snowy egret bathing in the last light of the day. A snowy egret bathing in the last light of the day. For more information on places to go bird watching in Santa Cruz County, visit our website and check out our piece on Top Birding Spots in Santa Cruz County!


There's endless beauty to be discovered in Santa Cruz County!  Whether your visiting us internationally, domestically or you're a local, share your Santa Cruz photos with us by using #SantaCruzNow.  Select photos will be re-posted on our social media channels with photo credit.  Hope to see your photos soon; we love seeing Santa Cruz through your lens! Follow us on Instagram and Twitter and like us on Facebook!

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