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January 08, 2015

Fan Photo of the Week

There's just something about sunsets in Santa Cruz County. Seeing the vibrant hues saturate before your eyes is one of those beautiful things that seem to make any day a good one. Another nice addition to a great sunset are some silhouettes. Whether it's dogs running on the beach, kids splashing in the waves or boats sailing on the bay, seeing those silhouettes behind the bright backdrop is like watching a piece of art be painted before your eyes. Check out a few of our favorite 'Sunset & Silhouette' photos captured in the the first week of the new year. Photo by @june2sixjewels Photo by Instagram Fan, @june2sixjewels Instagram fan, @june2sixjewels, shared this lovely shot of her two little ones enjoying a gorgeous January sunset off of West Cliff Drive. A day at the beach is always a great family friendly activity; check out more Family Fun ideas here. Photo by Instagram Fan, @joysofsarah Photo by Instagram Fan, @joysofsarah As Instagram fan, @joysofsarah says, #AllDogsGoToHeaven. We couldn't agree more, especially when you travel to Santa Cruz with your four-legged friend! Photo by Instagram Fan & Contributor, @raendsley Photo by Instagram Fan & Contributor, @raendsley After a nice day of tide pooling and exploring the north coast, this father-son duo took a break to watch the sun dip below the horizon.


There's endless beauty to be discovered in Santa Cruz County!  Whether your visiting us internationally, domestically or you're a local, share your Santa Cruz photos with us by using #SantaCruzNow.  Select photos will be re-posted on our social media channels with photo credit.  Hope to see your photos soon; we love seeing Santa Cruz through your lens! Follow us on Instagram and Twitter and like us on Facebook!

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