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December 05, 2014

Fan Photo of the Week

Here's a recent #SantaCruzNow from a great local photographer, Ben Ingram! These rainy days have been creating some beautiful scenery for those brave enough to weather the storm...and talented enough to get captures like this! Thanks, Ben, for another great shot - follow him on Facebook and Instagram and check out his website to see his collection and print options! BenIngram-Blog Share your rainy day photos with by using #SantaCruzNow and #SantaCruzRains. We love to see this beautiful and much needed rainy weather through your lens! Looking for Rainy Day Activities? Check out our handy flyer full of ideas! Feeling adventurous and ready to brave the drops? Hit up Big BasinHenry Cowell or Nisene Marks for some banana slug and mushroom hunting hikes! And of course, beaches are beautiful in any weather! Get out there and enjoy those drops! Follow us on Instagram and Twitter and like us on Facebook!

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