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May 15, 2014

Thoughtful Thursday

Hilton Santa Cruz/Scotts Valley Koa enjoys a shady spot in the garden at the Hilton Santa Cruz/Scotts Valley. The Hilton Santa Cruz/Scotts Valley welcomes man's best friend with open paws, a water dish, organic treats and a dog bed!


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  • Joao 2 years 343 days ago
    You know there is a quite simple sotiluon to getting these power conglomerates attention, it just requires $0.10 worth of tin foil.Method, wrap the meter with the tin foil, tape it tight where it meets the chrome ring. They can not get a signal off that property again until they come down to take the tin foil off, as soon as they do to read the meter etc. and leave I just put the tin foil right back on again.If everyone did the same thing, we would win.