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September 11, 2013

Artist Captures Capitola Through the Wine Glass

This weekend marks the 31st Annual Capitola Art and Wine Festival in Capitola Village By the Sea, an event showcasing local winemakers, gourmet food, family-friendly entertainment, fine art, crafts and jewelry. The festival, taking place September 14 and 15, is hosted by the Capitola-Soquel Chamber of Commerce, which each year commissions an artist to paint a commemorative image for the event poster. This year's poster artist is Kim Hogan, a Capitola resident for the last decade, whose art helped launch a deeper connection with the Capitola community. Kim Hogan, 31st Annual Capitola Art & Wine Festival poster artist Kim Hogan, 31st Annual Capitola Art & Wine Festival poster artist Hogan's first painting, a watercolor that she'll never sell, hangs in her bedroom and is dated April 2008. That was the year she began taking a painting class through Adult Education at Jade Street Park. "I was going through a dark time in my life," she said. "So I signed up for a night class through the city of Capitola, to try to get outside of myself. That's how I got started. It was a watercolor class and my teacher was Gerry Bartlett, a wonderful woman and friend." Two years later, her submission was chosen for the Capitola Begonia Festival, in a contest for the event's annual poster. "In 2010, I had the honor of being selected for the Begonia Festival poster. I had only started painting two years before so it was a big deal for me to think that anybody appreciated anything I did. My head was huge! And then, the next weekend was the Art and Wine Festival and my head totally shrank back to the right size again. I was just inspired by all the amazing art work on display." During the past five years, Hogan has explored and experimented with a variety of styles and techniques, from portraits to landscapes to flower vignettes. She started out in watercolor but has since moved on to oil saying, "I love, love, love the brilliance of color you can get in watercolor, but you have to do a lot of layers and be very patient. I'm not that patient. Also, if you make a mistake in watercolor, it's more difficult to correct than oil." For a time, she focused on painting images from photographs taken in the early 1900s. One such photograph, found in the Capitola Museum, showed six ladies standing on a dock, wearing long Victorian-style dresses and hats. "Fabric is really hard to do," said Hogan, continuing with one of her favorite stories. "My teacher died suddenly of cancer last year and her sister sent an email out to all of her students saying Gerry would've loved for all of us to have her art supplies. If there was anything we wanted, we were free to come by and take it. So I went by and grabbed a couple of her brushes and books. A couple days later, I started painting the ladies on the dock and was very lost. I opened up one of the books I grabbed from her and it was all about fabrics from the Renaissance period... beautiful, long, flowing fabrics. I couldn't believe it. So I laid out the book, grabbed her brushes and channeled Gerry. And it just came out…it was an experience." Hogan decided to use this image for her business cards. When asked to come up with a concept for this year's festival poster, Hogan kept thinking about a view of Capitola through the wine glass. "It's taken from the perspective of the Lindt House which is on the cliff overlooking Capitola, across to Depot Hill," explained Hogan. "Capitola Liven" by Kim Hogan In addition to having her painting represent the festival, Bargetto Winery is, for the first time, printing the poster image on the label of its bottles to be sold at the event. "I am just so honored and tickled by that," said Hogan. Also, for the first time, Hogan will be showing her art work at the festival, rather than working as a volunteer. Don't be shy to stop by her booth and ask her to sign your poster or wine bottle! For more information, including the entertainment schedule, featured wineries and convenient parking options, visit the official site for the 31st Annual Capitola Art and Wine Festival.


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  • Sue Vanover 3 years 352 days ago
    Can I buy the Poster of this year art and Wine 2014. If so please call me

    Sue 831-246-3902

  • Paula Kudebeh 4 years 41 days ago
    August 10, 2014 I love the wine glass you designed for last year's Begonia Festival! Are they available for purchase on-line? Thanks from a former Capitola resident now living in Idaho. Paula Kudebeh