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July 16, 2013

Debut of Farmer’s Market Pop-up Breakfast in Scotts Valley Features Organic Fare

El Salchichero Pork - Photo:  Carolyn Lagattuta

A late, luxurious breakfast has always appealed to me, so without hesitation I gladly accepted an invitation to attend the very first Scotts Valley Farmers’ Market outdoor Pop-up Breakfast event in 2013. The Santa Cruz Community Farmers’ Markets hosted six outdoor pop-up breakfast events at the Westside and Scotts Valley Markets. Friends and family can sit down at long tables to enjoy a meal of fresh, simple cuisine made with ingredients from the very farms that sell at the market. Popular local chefs create and prepare the meals. I arrived at 9:30 a.m. with my own plate and silverware as requested, and was greeted by two pleasant young men from the organization FoodWhat, who would be among the three teens hired to serve our meal. Associate Director Alexandra Carelli was also on hand to educate diners about this youth empowerment and food justice program, which uses food as the route for growing healthy teens through sustainable agriculture. Before the meal was served, I wandered among the farmer’s displays to see what appealed to take home afterwards, and bought some of the fresh eggs that would be served from Lemonade Springs of Watsonville. I was glad I did, as I ate three of them (small) at the feast; they were that delicious! The families surrounding me at breakfast proved to be great company. On my right were Carolyn Lagattuta, Photographer and Communication and Marketing Assistant at UCSC who lives in Scotts Valley, with her husband Chris and their daughter Anna. Chris said they liked the opportunity of meeting other people in the community and was pleased that the quality of food offered is such a good value. He added that a good addition for next time would be fresh juice and butter for the scones.

Photo - Carolyn Lagattuta

Seated across the table was Debbie Luhrman, contributing editor of Edible Monterey Bay magazine, and her husband. They lived abroad for many years and still retain the habit of eating a late dinner. She said, “I’m not really a morning person, so I was a little apprehensive about going to a big breakfast, but I loved it. The food was very special and it was a treat to meet so many people who are interested in the local food movement.” Near the close of the meal, we were informally addressed by Jeff Larkey of Route 1 Farms, encompassing 65 acres of Santa Cruz coastal valley farmland, and Kelly Bradford of Old House Farm of Scotts Valley.  Her family property is named after a house built in 1879, originally a summer retreat with natural springs and a creek. Both farms are certified organic and participate in the CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program. Later, I spoke privately with them both to get some comments about the breakfast. About Scotts Valley, Kelly said, “It is a beautiful and unique family-oriented community with easy access to everything the area has to offer. As an organic farmer here I am excited to watch the growing interest in healthy food choices and lifestyles which the local stores are beginning to reflect. Even better is seeing the farmers' market bloom with new families coming every week and wonderful events like the pop-up breakfast selling out!” Jeff Larkey told me interesting facts about the many different crops he and his crew have grown for thirty years. The list starts with A for apples and goes on to include flowers, vegetables and herbs like basil, cilantro, dill, oregano, plus parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme! Assembly member Mark Stone, who lives in Scotts Valley but was not able to be present, has this to say: “Scotts Valley is s a great example of a small town; it’s well run and has a very active, engaged community. I like living in a town where most people know each other and have some very long-term friendships.” For information about upcoming breakfasts on July 20, August 3, September 7 and October 5, call 831-325-4294 or email All profits from these events are used to fund public educational efforts including the Foodshed Project.  

Pop Up Breakfast Menu - Photo:  Carolyn Lagattuta

June 1, 2013 Pop-up Breakfast Menu

FRESH BUTTER CROISSANT Made by the bakers at Companion Bakeshop

TOSSED FRESH FRUIT Honey-drizzled blueberries, strawberries and grilled apricots

EL SALCHICHERO PORK Marinated in a red-wine reduction, mixed with wood-fire roasted potato and arugula hash

EGGS OVER EASY Pasture raised organic eggs served with sea salt to taste

BRAISED SPRING GREENS Accompanied by caramelized green garlic, carrot slivers and organic olive oil

SWEET FINISH - Warm scone with ollalieberry and coffee courtesy of Lulu Carpenter’s

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