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January 31, 2013

National Hot Chocolate Day - January 31st!

It's National Hot Chocolate Day today and what better way to celebrate than with two extra delicious cups of creamy coco?  Cocoteers from Solaire, the in-hotel restaurant at the Hotel Paradox and the Shadowbrook in Capitola have put together some delicious and chocolatey choices for your taste buds today. Check out Solaire's traditionally delicious blend of Straus barista milk and Guittard 55% cocoa for a bit of sweetness.  The coco is topped off with vanilla foam and served with a house made white chocolate squirrel on the side.  It doesn't get any better! For more of a kick, head to the Shadowbrook in Capitola for a Mexican hot chocolate topped with house-made toasted marshmallow.  There's an added kick of chili and orange zest to delight your taste buds! The sun is shining in Santa Cruz today, but there's never a bad time for hot chocolate!        

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  • Maggie 5 years 284 days ago
    Pretty fancy hot chocolates! Mmmmmmm!!!

  • Christine@TheAums 5 years 285 days ago
    Thanks for the heads up on both of these hot chocolates! I have something of a hot chocolate bucket list in Santa Cruz.