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October 24, 2012

Santa Cruz Catapults into Celebrity Status for all the Right Reasons

Filming of the movie Chasing Mavericks, the story about late surfing icon Jay Moriarity, has wrapped locally, but public awareness remains in eager anticipation of the  release date of October 26, 2012. The Santa/Cruz Scotts Valley Hilton reports that 50 rooms were utilized by the crew for two weeks, as well as at eight other Santa Cruz area hotels including Chaminade Resort & Spa and Seascape Beach Resort while the crew was in town last Fall. Bay Federal CEO, Carrie Birkhofer, and daughter Sarah, watched a scene filmed on West Cliff Drive. “Someone said they’d met Gerard Butler, and we wanted to as well. As we left, Sarah saw him in his wetsuit carrying a surfboard. He kindly let her take a photo with him,” she said. UCSC lecturer, Joel Domhoff, took on the massive task of casting extras for scenes shot in Santa Cruz, including Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. With 3,000 people in the database, he said, "A lot of people expressed anxiety and concern that the movie may not depict the locals involved and the local culture in a true and positive light. To them I say, Frosty Hesson and Kim Moriarity have been involved with this production from the beginning, and no one is more authentically local than Frosty and Kim.  They have been on the set almost every single day and the producers are in constant contact with them, so hopefully that will alleviate everyone's concerns." In his November 13, 2011 Santa Cruz Sentinel feature, Wallace Baine wrote about the paddle-out scene, quoting widow Kim Moriarity as saying that watching it caused her to be overcome with a feeling of déjà vu. “When I saw that outrigger out in the water, time really kind of slowed down for me. I could feel the energy in the air. It wasn’t a movie set. It was like the real deal all over again.” And about Jay she said, “Oh, he’s watching, I have no doubt about that. He’s had a big hand in this from the beginning.” Chasing Mavericks premiers this Friday, October 26th in theaters nationwide.


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  • Patrizia Materassi 5 years 330 days ago
    Nice article June, I love your closure. Patrizia